((he)raus verb)


to put outside
(In the literal sense. Think of the trash for example. Usually used as "rausstellen")
to put special emphasis on, to single out (for praise)
("etwas+Acc herausstellen" - pretty rare phrasing. "betonen" and "unterstreichen" are more idiomatic in most contexts. ONLY as "herausstellen".)
to turn out
("sich herausstellen (as)" - in the sense of "information about reality", so things you can "find out". NOT used for how an object or project turns out. Only as "herausstellen".)

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Prefix Verbs Explained - "ausstellen"

A quick look at "ausstellen" and its two very different meanings. Also: the difference you never knew existed - rausstellen vs herausstellen

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Root: *sta-
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