(ent verb)


to match, to meet, to correspond
(In the sense of something or someone meeting expectations or requirements. The underlying idea is that the entity's feature are the right "response" to what's being asked. Quite common verb. )

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4 months ago

I feel like i understand the basic sense of this but somehow don’t feel completely confident with it. I was wondering if you’d ever considered doing an article on this one? I don’t know if you’ve ever noticed Linguee has a list of most searched terms for its dictionary – i found it quiet an interesting list in general btw- and noticed yesterday entsprechend is number 4 most searched when translating German into English. 

4 months ago
Reply to  Emanuel

That was quick : ) I actually wrote the questions i had but then I realised its quiet a list and didn’t want to burden you with a huge list of questions so thought requesting an article might be better. But anyway here, for what its worth, are the questions i had:


Could you just respond to a situation by saying “Dies entspricht nicht” – does it need an object / indirect object? 


Could you say something like “Wir entsprechen uns” if so what would it mean (we fulfil each other?) or does this make no sense? 


Is it as stiff sounding as i suspect or because I feel i encounter it more in writing than spoken German? Or would you use it in spoken German with friends? 


How common is this for agreeing with someones opinion? 
Could you say Seine Meinung nach der Umwelt entspricht meiner” ? something like ” zustimmen” would be be more common right?


I’ve also noticed  formulations like “Meiner Meinung nach entspricht dies ” seems to be able to translatable as stuff like ” It seems to me that” or “in my opinion this”.

4 months ago
Reply to  vvv-ooo-vvv

The theory about a meta search term is interesting. How would you formulate such a question ? Like “Was entspricht “Kekse” auf English? ” if you wnated to know the translation for “Kekse”?

4 months ago
Reply to  Emanuel

Dankeschön! Thats really useful.

Regarding question 5 I went back and looked at how these examples were translated and I realise I was misunderstanding what was going on with the sentence structure. Makes a lot more sense now.

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