to deny someone something
(ONLY in the sense of "denying" that they have a talent or skill. NOT for denying permission. Not very common.)
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to agree on, to coordinate
(In the sense of coordinating with someone. NOT for agreeing with someone's opinion. Quite common and often used with a self reference ("sich+Acc absprechen mit"). )
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Word Family

Root: *spere-

The core idea of the root (according to English sources) was:


German sources have the meaning for focused on motion and describe it as

twitching with the foot, unrest

In German, it shifted toward a sense of tracking (by foot) and then kept going toward the sense of perceiving.

English doesn’t have many relatives – spur, spoor, spurn.
They haven’t shifted their meaning as much, so they’re still somewhat close to ankle or to a broad sense of twitching.

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