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The meaning and use of "(sich) fühlen"

"fühlen" means "to feel". But there's also "sich fühlen" and "sich anfühlen" and all three have distinct meanings. Today, we'll learn how to use them properly.


fühlen, sich fühlen, das Gefühl, spüren, sich anfühlen

Word of the Day - "spitz"

A fun look at the meaning of "spitz" and the various related words like "die Spitze" and "der Spitzname". A spitzen-way to build vocabulary :)


spitz, die Spitze, die Spitzenidee, anspitzen, der Spitzname, Ohren spitzen, der Spitzel, bespitzeln, die Speiche

Word Family

Root: *spei-

The core idea of this root was:

sharp point, pointy object

It’s the origin of spike, spoke (of a wheel), spine and possibly also pin.

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