to copy
(In the sense of writing down something that is written somewhere else. NOT for making a photocopy and not for transcribing audio. Also used in the context of peeking at your neighbor's exam in school.)
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to write off, to write down
(In a financial sense of writing off an asset. Also used figuratively in sports when a player or team has a comeback after being "written off".)
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Word Family

Root: *skribh-

The core idea of the root was:

cutting, slicing

And very early on it was used in the context of leaving markings or making drawings and eventually, writing things.
In the Latin branch, we have the verb *scribere, which meant to write, which is the origin for words like script, prescribe, subscribe, describe and more.

Here’s a  (incomplete) list:

  • script, scripture
  • manuscript (“to write by hand”)
  • scribe 
  • subscribe (“to write under”)
  • prescribe (“to write across”)
  • inscribe (“to write in”)
  • describe (“to write down”)
  • ascribe (“write toward”)
  • transcribe (“to write over”)
  • serif, sans-serif (“little stroke, draw”)
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