to deport
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to delegate
("abschieben zu/auf+Acc" - In the negative sense of someone "shoving work over to you, that they should be doing. Super colloquial)
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to get lost
(In the sense of someone"going away". Highly colloquial and mainly used as a command "Schieb ab.")
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Word of the Day - "schieben"

A fun look at the meaning of "schieben" and what delaying has to do with a drawer and deportations.


schieben, abschieben, aufschieben, der Schub, die Schublade, verschieben

Word Family

Root: *skeu-

The core idea of this root was:

shoving, pushing

It’s the origin of shove and shuffle (which was a “quick, repeated shoving”) and also shy, which is based on a sense of “being scared/pushed away”.

According to the German etymological source that I am using (dwds.de), the words to shoot and schießen also belong to this family, which would make sense, as they are in a way a very quick shoving.
Don’t think of a gun – think of an old hunter gatherer propelling a spear.
By the same token, to scoot would then also be related.

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