Dictionary noun *(s)kel- schalten Schalter

der Schalter


the switch
(ONLY the switch of a device, not the act of switching.)
the booth
(For administration reception desks and similar things. )

Word Family

Root: *(s)kel-

This is one of various roots that all in some way carry the core sense of cutting.

Notable English members of this family are:

  • scalping, scalpel (from a Latin verb for cutting)
  •  shelf (cut from wood)
  • shield (cut from wood)
  • scale (originally referred to the bowl of a scale, direct relative of German die Schale)
  • skill (originally the ability to tell apart, to separate)
  • half (cut in half)
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26 days ago

Is this one of the doubled up cards you mentioned previoiusly [as there are two of them]. One has counter as the second definiton and the other as booth?

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