skillfully, adept
(There are many possible translations, but the core idea is that you do something with a certain refined expertise. Think of it as the opposite of clumsily, hamfisted.)
Opposite: ungeschickt
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The meaning of "schicken"


schicken, senden, der Versand, der Sender, die Sendung, verschicken, abschicken, rausschicken, schick, das Schicksal, geschickt, Geschicklichkeit

Word Family

Root: *(s)kek-

The original idea of this root was something like:

jumping, moving quickly

I couldn’t find any relatives in English, but there are a few in Slavic languages that are about jumping.
The German schicken (to send) originally was about “make someone go fast” and the verb geschehen, which means to happen and which Geschichte is from, came from an idea of “going around”. You can maybe compare that to the logic of the English to occur which, taken literally, once meant “to run/hurry outward“.

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