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to distinguish, to differentiate
(Often also used reflexively ("sich+Acc unterscheiden"))
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"verschieden, anders, unterschiedlich" - the difference

All three words are translations for "different" and mixing them up can actually get confusing. Today, we'll learn when to use which, and why :).

The meaning of "Bescheid"

A quick look at the meaning of "Bescheid", how to use "Bescheid sagen" in daily life and what it has to do with being humble.


der Bescheid, Bescheid sagen, bescheiden, die Bescheidenheit

Word Family

Root: *skei-
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10 months ago

just double checking -am i right in thinking the reflexive here is pretty straightforward?

Like if we are talking about how something distinguishes itself from something we’d use it with reflexive otherwise its not reflexive

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