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probably, probable
(Literally: "true-seeming")
Opposite: vielleicht
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Word of the Day - "der Schein"

A fun look at the meaning of ‘der Schein’ and the verb 'scheinen' what sunshine has to do with appearance and money #mindblow.


der Schein, scheinbar, Geldschein, Sonnenschein, scheinen, glänzen, leuchten

The meaning of "wohl"

A fun look at the meaning(s) of "wohl", it's various uses in every day German and why they are so freaking random. Seriously, what a mess this word is...


wohl, wohlhabend, obwohl, wohl wahr, sehr wohl, wohl kaum, wer wohl, zum Wohl

Word of the Day - "trauen"

A fun look at the German verb "trauen", the difference to "sich trauen" and what confidence has to do with marriage and fidelity. #datingadvice #kidding


trauen, sich trauen, vertrauen, treu, heiraten,

Word of the Day - "wahr"


wahr, die Wahrheit, wahrscheinlich, unwahrscheinlich

Word Family

Root: *skai-

The core idea of this root was:

gleaming, shining

The main English offspring is to shine and all its relatives. The only other family members I could find were shimmer and scintillate.

In German, it’s also the origin of Schimmel (the mold) because that is often white and shiny.

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