Dictionary verb *skai- scheinen


to shine
(Mainly used for the sun. For many other light sources, "leuchten" is the better word.)
to seem, to emit the apperance
(By far not as common as the English "to seem" but there are many related words with that core idea.)


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A fun look at the meaning of ‘der Schein’ and the verb 'scheinen' what sunshine has to do with appearance and money #mindblow.


der Schein, scheinbar, Geldschein, Sonnenschein, scheinen, glänzen, leuchten

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wirken, die Wirkung, wirklich, bewirken, die Wirklichkeit

Advent Calendar 5 - Rise and Stop Shining

Word Family

Root: *skai-

The core idea of this root was:

gleaming, shining

The main English offspring is to shine and all its relatives. The only other family members I could find were shimmer and scintillate.

In German, it’s also the origin of Schimmel (the mold) because that is often white and shiny.

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