the show, the broadcast
(TV mainly. Not really idiomatic for Youtube. Starts to sound a bit old school.)
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the parcel, the mailed item
(Very rare in that sense, and sounds formal.)
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The meaning of "schicken"


schicken, senden, der Versand, der Sender, die Sendung, verschicken, abschicken, rausschicken, schick, das Schicksal, geschickt, Geschicklichkeit

Word Family

Root: *sent-

The core idea of this root was:

going in a direction, heading

It’s the origin of to send which is essentially “make go in a direction”, but arguably the more interesting branch is the one around sense, sensible and the German der Sinn, which evolved from the idea of mentally going in a direction.
Other words that also belong here:

  • consent, consensus (“having the same mental direction”)
  • dissent (“going in a different direction”)
  • resent (“going in a bad direction”)
  • sensation
  • sensor
  • scent
  • sensibility
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