Dictionary adverb *sen(e)-, *se- so sowieso


(in the sense of "either way", synonym with "eh")
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The meaning of German "eh"

"eh" is a really weird word, but it's actually a good translation for "anyway". Today, we'll learn how to use it and its brothers "ehe" and "eher".


eh, ehe, eher, die Ehe, ehemalig

The meanings of German "so"

A thorough look at the German "so", its various idiomatic uses in everyday German and the differences to English "so". With lots of audio examples.

How to say "anyway" in German

In this post, we'll learn the different ways to translate "anyway" to German.


trotzdem, jedenfalls, wie dem auch sei, wie auch immer, naja, sowieso, eh

"anyway" in German - The Exercise

There are five (main) ways of translating "anyway" in German. Today, we'll practice when to use which.

Word Family

The core idea of this root was:

apart, separated, by oneself

It’s the origin of English asunder as well as the imports sans (without) and sin (without) as in chili sin carne.

On the German side, we have two very important offspring  – sich and sondern.

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