this way, like that
(Basically the most generic answer to "How?". NOT used in the English sense of "... and so I went home.")
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Opposite (closest): wie
so, such
(To intensify adjectives ("soooo schön") or noun phrases ("such a"))
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this, as, that
(In comparative statements, like "this big" or "as big as")
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The meanings of German "so"

A thorough look at the German "so", its various idiomatic uses in everyday German and the differences to English "so". With lots of audio examples.

Word Family

The core idea of this root was:

apart, separated, by oneself

It’s the origin of English asunder as well as the imports sans (without) and sin (without) as in chili sin carne.

On the German side, we have two very important offspring  – sich and sondern.

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