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to pick up
(For small items that are strewn across the floor. Think leafs or shards of a broken bowl. Focus is on cleaning, not collecting or gathering.)
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Word Family

Root: *sem-

The core idea of this root was:

as one, one unit

It’s the most visible in the English same and the German zusammen (together), but there are plenty of other words in the family, especially in English.

  • single, singular (“as one”)
  • simple (“one fold, one sided” then shifted toward “dumb”)
  • resemble (“fitting something”)
  • ensemble (“as one”)
  • seem, seemingly (“fitting with one”)
  • similar, similarity (“like one”)
  • simulate (“make like one – imitate”)
  • simultaneous (“at one time”)
  • some (“one part”)
  • -some, fearsome, awesome,… (“-like”)
  • samsara (“the one flow”)

The root is also the origin of homo- and hetero- , which are Greek variations of it where the initial “s” changed to “h”.

The German branch of the family focused as lot of the idea of “together”.

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