Dictionary verb um verb um (sep) *sed- setzen umsetzen


(um (sep))


to switch seats, to put elsewhere
(Like most setzen-versions that are about sitting down, this one, too will usually be used with a self reference - "sich+Acc umsetzen". Also used in gardening for putting plants to a different place.)
How useful:
to put into practice, to realize
(For projects and plans. Quite common.)
How useful:
Opposite (closest): planen
to transact, to have revenue
(It's a word for the money you earn with your business before all expenses and such. So just what you take in from sales.)
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Word Family

Root: *sed-

The core idea of this root was


Today, the majority of members of the family are about a somewhat broader sense of “putting down”.
Here’s a little (incomplete) overview:

  • to sit, seat (“sitting”)
  • saddle (“seat”)
  • to set (“putting down”)
  • settle (“sitting down for camping”)
  • soil (“where your settlement is”)
  • session (“the sitting”)
  • seance (“the sitting”)
  • siege (“sitting in front”)
  • sediment (“dust settling”)
  • possess (“sit on”)
  • obsess (“sit on, occupy”)
  • sedate, sedative (“settling”)
  • assist, assistent (Originally, a person sitting next to the judge)
  • assess (see “assist”, originally an assistant responsible for determining fines)
  • size (see “assess”)
  • cathedral (Originally, it was a scholar’s chair, the root is the “thed”- part)
  • chair (comes from cathedral)
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