the room
(The "default" word for an actual room. In apartments, )
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the space
(In a sense of 3D space and also for "space" as a resource, but only in larger contexts. For "space" in your drawer or in the subway, "Platz" is the better word. )
Opposite: Zeit
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Word of the Day - "der Raum"

A fun look at the meaning of "der Raum", because the nouns and verbs based on it fill up a big room. Today, we'll go in and tidy up a that chaos :) (hint, hint)


der Raum, Raum-, das Zimmer, räumen, aufräumen, umräumen

Word Family

Root: *reu-

The core idea of this root was:

(wide) open space

It’s the origin of English room and the originally Latin branch around rural.
The word to roam probably doesn’t belong to this family.


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