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to be cancelled, waived
(Something that was "set to happen" but then gets cancelled. Works for scheduled events and fees, but it's "one sided". Not really for dates and appointments.)
to forget, drop out of one's mind
("jemandem entfallen" - a thought "falls away" from you. Sounds a bit high register, but you can hear it in daily life.)
Opposite (closest): einfallen
to fall on, to go to
("entfallen auf+Acc" - for tasks and allocated resources. Hard to use idiomatically.)

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The verb "fallen" - (almost) all Prefix Versions


fallen, auffallen, ausfallen, befallen, entfallen, einfallen, abfallen, anfallen, verfallen,...

Word Family

Root: *pol-

The core idea of this root was:


It doesn’t have any other relatives besides to fall and fallen (and “to fell” and “fällen”) in German and English and it is notably absent from the Latin branch of the Indo-European family. There, the word for falling was *kadere, which is the origin of words like cadence, incident or case.

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