eye-catching, flashy, striking, suspicious(ly)
(Works in a wide range of contexts, but it does have a slightly negative tilt)
Opposite (closest): unauffällig

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Prefix Verbs Explained - "auffallen"

"auffallen" looks like an oxymoron - "to fall up". But it's actually a really useful translation for "to notice". Today, we'll learn why. Also: more verbs :)


auffallen, auffällig, die Auffälligkeit, unauffällig

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Root: *pol-

The core idea of this root was:


It doesn’t have any other relatives besides to fall and fallen (and “to fell” and “fällen”) in German and English and it is notably absent from the Latin branch of the Indo-European family. There, the word for falling was *kadere, which is the origin of words like cadence, incident or case.

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12 days ago

So i was just reading and came across this

“Ab 2001 besuchte er das Hannah-Arendt-Gymnasium im Neuköllner Ortsteil Rudow, von dem er 2003 wegen auffälligen Verhaltens verwiesen wurde.”

I was wondering about auffälig here.
Do you think this refers to what would be desribed as “disruptive” behaviour? I.e. Being loud, pranks etc? Because you cant throw someone out of school for “suspicious” behaviour…?
Or is the idea that the the behaviour comes under the scrutiny of the school (and the fact its bad behaviour is implied). Because I was thinking behaviour can stand out when its good too. Or is auffällig generally negative?

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