much, many, a lot
(German uses the same word for all. Note that "viel" does NOT work to quantify intensity. "I like that a lot" would be done with "sehr".)
Opposite: wenig
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The meaning of "vielleicht"

A quick look at "vielleicht", the German word for "maybe". We'll learn why it means what it means, how to use it and what side use it has.

"viel" or "sehr" - When to use which
Advent Calendar 11- Practice "viel" vs "sehr"

Word Family

The original idea of this family was:

flowing, gliding

And it could be a liquid as well as a flowing motion in the air.
Here’s an (incomplete) list of English members of the family. You’ll see that most of them are about a “continuous motion” in or of liquid or in air.

  • flow
  • float
  • flood
  • fleet
  • fly
  • flee
  • flight
  • pulmonary (Originally: the body part that floats)
  • pneumonia
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