Dictionary adjective *pel(e)-, *pleu fließen Fluss Einfluss einflussreich


influential, powerful
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Word of the Day - "reichen"

A thorough look at the meaning and grammar of "reichen" and what "handing" has to do with "being enough" and "areas".


reichen, ausreichen, erreichen, der Bereich, hinreichend, ausreichend

Word of the Day - "der Fluss"

A fascinating boat ride along the stream of German Fluss-words #usefulAF. Also: surprising connections to English - I’m just saying flood, influence and flight ;)


der Fluss, flüssig, überflüssig, der Einfluss, beeinflussen, fließen, fliegen, fliehen,

Word Family

The original idea of this family was:

flowing, gliding

And it could be a liquid as well as a flowing motion in the air.
Here’s an (incomplete) list of English members of the family. You’ll see that most of them are about a “continuous motion” in or of liquid or in air.

  • flow
  • float
  • flood
  • fleet
  • fly
  • flee
  • flight
  • pulmonary (Originally: the body part that floats)
  • pneumonia
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