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(A "cute" word for the syntactical signs. Literally "little goose feet".)
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Word Family

Root: *ped-

The core idea of this root was:


The most obvious offspring is of course the word foot itself, but the family is surprisingly big and divers.
The main branch is the one around the Latin ped, pod which were about foot, too.

  • pedicure (“foot care”)
  • pedestrian (“person on foot”)
  • tripod (“three feet”)
  • octopus (“8 feet”)
  • centipede (“100 feet”)
  • pedal (“for the foot”)
  • impede (“shackle the feet”)
  • expedite, expedition (“free the feet”)
  • peon, pawn (“foot soldier”)
  • pioneer (“foot soldier” who goes first)
  • podium, pedestal (“foot rest”)
  • pessimism (“downward, on foot, stumbling”)

And that’s not all. Here are some more relatives:

  • platypus (“flat foot”)
  • polyp (“many feet”)
  • pilot (Originally “guy at the rudder”, with “rudder” in Greek being related to foot)
  • Oedipus (“swollen foot”)


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