to enjoy
(NOT used as widely as in English and it sounds more distinguished. Learners often use it as "I enjoyed it" and it does NOT work for that. "Spaß machen" or "gefallen" are the idiomatic choices there.)
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"nutzen" and "benutzen" - The Difference Explained


nutzen, benutzen, verwenden, der Gebrauch, nützlich, hilfreich, nützen, abnutzen, ausnutzen

Word Family

Root: *neud-

This root carried the core idea of:

benefiting from something you were striving for

Think of a mammoth hunt and the rewarding dinner at the fire huddled in mammoth fur.
In German, this evolved into the word for enjoy (genießen), but also the more “pragmatic” nutzen, which means to use.

Old English had a couple of members of this family, but they disappeared and there are no active relatives, at least none I could find.

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