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as an exception, by way of exception, for once
(VERY common in German. NOT "exceptionally" in sense of outstanding quality. )
Opposite: normalerweise
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Prefix Verbs Explained - "die Ausnahme"

We all know, German is full of exceptions. Today, we'll look the German word for it and learn about the prefix verb it comes from.


die Ausnahme, ausnehmen, rausnehmen, ausnahmsweise, ausgenommen

Word of the Day - "weise"

A thorough look at the meaning of "weise" and its family and what proving has to do with hints, identity cards and wisdom. #mindblowing


weise, weisen, der Hinweis, der Ausweis, ausweisen, abweisen, einweisen, verweisen, beweisen, der Beweis, überweisen, ausnahmsweise, -weise

Word Family

Root: *nem-
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