Dictionary verb ab verb neigen abnicken


to nod off
(give your okay, usually in a business context)


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lachen, lächeln, der Mund, die Augen, blinzeln, hochnäsig, rümpfen, runzeln

Word of the Day - "neigen"


neigen (zu), die Neigung, die Abneigung, die Zuneigung, abgeneigt sein, nicken, das Nickerchen

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14 days ago

Hi Emanuel. “To Nod off “is actually an incorrect translation. “To nod off” actually means to fall asleep (usually when you are not supposed to be asleep.

There is a phrase “to give the nod (to something)” but this isn’t something I’d personally use and isn’t the most common way off expressing this. It’s also a bit informal so might be used in specific contexts.

I think “approve” would be a better translation. “To sign something off ” also gets used in certain contexts, even if there is no actual signing involved. Sometime “to green light” something gets used by journalists / business people but its something

How informal is this word? I’m assuming that your example implies a cursory approval?

  • Das Parlament hat das Gesetz in einer Sitzung abgenickt.
  • The parliament approved my side project (without much probing).

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