the poo
(A euphemism for the need and result of needing to take a dump)
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The meaning of - "die Not"

We’ll look at the family of die Not and find lots of necessary words - literally :).


die Not, notwendig, nötig, benötigen, der Notfall

The meaning of "dürfen"

A thorough look at the German modal verb "dürfen". We'll learn where it comes from, how it gots the meanings it has today and what related words there are.


duerfen, der Bedarf, bedürftig, das Bedürfnis

Word Family

Root: *nau(ti-)

The original core of this root was a sense of:

death, exhaustion, collapsing

But this soon shifted toward the idea of “lack of something”.

In English to need , and also in the Slavic branch, the sense shifted further toward the idea of need.
In German, it is also about lack, but it kept more of a sense of emergency.

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