after that, thereafter, afterwards
(In a temporal sense.)
Opposite: davor
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for it, after it
("normal" da-word ;))
Opposite: wonach
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German da-words Explained

A fun look at the German da-words .... davon, damit, dabei and so on. We'll learn what they are, how they work, how to use them and why they're actually cool.

Time 6 - Actions

We'll learn how to properly arrange actions (clauses) in time using the German words for before, after and while. Also: difference between nachdem and danach and others


bevor, vorher, danach, nachdem, während

Spoken German Bits - "Da-Words Undone"

The da-compounds sure take a while to master. But it doesn't stop there. Because in spoken German, da-words often get split up. Today, we'll learn all about it.

Word Family

Root: *naehwa-
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