die Menge (an/von)


the amount
quite a lot
("eine Menge" - quite common in colloquial German)
the set, the aggregate
(in math)
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We haven't talked about this word in an article in detail. Just leave your questions in the discussion section here, and I'll answer all them :)

Word Family

Root: *menegh-

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Vollig losgelost
Vollig losgelost
1 month ago

I’m listening to some Swiss pop music, and this is bothering me, because I don’t know what to make of it. Alone in the mass?

Ich schenke ein und dir kein Lächeln mehr
Ertränk’ gekonnt mein Tränenmeer
Alleine in der Menge geht’s mir gut

Vollig losgelost
Vollig losgelost
30 days ago
Reply to  Emanuel

Oh! Thank you! We sometimes say “the masses” in English to mean the faceless crowd, but it’s often for dramatic effect!

While we’re on these lyrics, I translate the first line as “I give one and you no longer smile”. I was confused by “Ich schenke ein”…

So much to dig into with Steiner & Madlaina. And this isn’t even the “Swiss” song I’ve heard (“Herz Vorus id Wand”)

6 months ago

Hallo Emanuel –

Are lauter and eine Menge interchangeable? I tried to create a couple of sentences to test this:

Der Haufen ist lauter Blätter

Der Haufen ist eine Menge Blätter

Also are there rules around how one uses an/von with Menge?

Thank you

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