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(ONLY for you missing someone. Not for you lacking an object or an object being lacking. )
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Word of the Day - "fehlen"

A fun look at the German verb "fehlen", the different meanings of "ich fehle" and "mir fehlt" and how to properly say "I miss you." in German.


fehlen, der Fehler, fehlend, unfehlbar

Word Family

Root: *mei-

The core idea of this root was:

change, go from one to another

One branch of the tree focused on the idea of  “things shared by all”. Like… tools being passed around in the community for example. That’s the branch around common, community. communication and communism and also the Germanic gemein and mean (read my article for details).

But there are more offspring, so here’s a little overview:

  • migrate, emigrate (“moving from place to place”)
  • municipal (originally “services in the community”)
  • immune (originally “not rendering services”)
  • mutate, mutation (“change”)
  • mutual (“in exchange”)
  • mis-, mistake, mishear (originally “in a changed way”)
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