at least
(With the undertone of "could have been less, so be glad".)
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not bad
(As a stand alone, in contexts where you talk about the amount of work someone did. NOT used to describe a piece of art or cooking or creation.)
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What is the difference - "mindestens, wenigsten, zumindest"

wenigstens, mindestens, zumindest - they all mean "at least" but they're not the same. Today, we'll learn what the differences are and how to use them.

Word Family

Root: *me-

The original sense of this root was:

big, large

It’s the origin of the words more and most, which for some reason started being used as comparative forms for the now obsolete word mickle.

The root might have a connection to the root *meg-, which was about the idea of great, and which is the origin of a rather large language tree with words like major, mega, maxi and magni- as well as Mister and much.
There’s no evidence for this connection, but it would make a lot of sense.

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