so bald wie möglich


as soon as possible
(German doesn't have such a cool abbreviation like ASAP)


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Time 4 - gleich, bald, später, nachher and more

A fun look at German time adverbs that refer to the future like jetzt, bald and demnächst, see what time frame they refer to. Also: the difference between "bis gleich" and "bis bald".


jetzt, später, sofort, nachher, bald, demnächst

Word of the Day - "möglich"

A fun look at the meaning of "möglich" and some related words and what they have to do with the German modal verb "mögen".


möglich, mögen, unmöglich, die Möglichkeit, möglicherweise, möglichst

False Friends Explained - "bald vs bald"

A quick look at the reason why German 'bald' and English 'bald' look alike but have NOTHING in common meaning wise. And a few words for balding men in German :)


bald, kahl, glatt, die Glatze

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Root: *magh-
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