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to (not) be/look impressive
(ONLY used in combination with "etwas" or "nichts" or "nicht viel", usually used in contexts where optics are an important feature. Think of a simple decoration that looks like "more".)
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to have at, to dig in
("sich+Acc hermachen über+Acc" - a colloquial term for the idea of digging in somewhere. Mainly used in context of food. Think of someone really hungry starting to eat their Lasagne. MUST be used reflexively and with "über".)
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Word Family

Root: *mag-

The core idea of this root was:

kneading, fitting

And its main field of use originally was “kneading” clay to build a house.
The sense has broadened a lot in the verb to make, but the original sense is still visible in most of the other relatives.

  • mass (originally: “unshaped lump of matter”)
  • match (originally: “masses fitting well”)
  • magma (originally: “thick dough like matter”)
  • among (originally: “kneaded together”)
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