to make a fuss
(Just to make sure: German "Fass" means barrel. The similarity to "fuss" is a helpful coincidence.)
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Prefix Verb Explained - "aufmachen"

A quick look at "aufmachen" and why it doesn't only mean "to open". Also: a look at the secret behind the r-verion and the super useful "raufmachen".

Word Family

Root: *mag-

The core idea of this root was:

kneading, fitting

And its main field of use originally was “kneading” clay to build a house.
The sense has broadened a lot in the verb to make, but the original sense is still visible in most of the other relatives.

  • mass (originally: “unshaped lump of matter”)
  • match (originally: “masses fitting well”)
  • magma (originally: “thick dough like matter”)
  • among (originally: “kneaded together”)
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