to take off
(For pictures or other things that you take off of a surface. And also for bracelets or rings. The opposite is "ranmachen" or "ummachen")
Opposite: anmachen
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to agree
(In the sense of making a deal or appointment with someone. NOT about the sense of having the same opinions.)
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Word of the Day- "ziehen"

We'll learn the core meaning(s) of "ziehen" and see why its prefix versions are used for clothes as well as moving apartments. Long but super useful.


ziehen, ausziehen, anziehen, abziehen, umziehen, der Zug, der Anzug, ...

German Prefix Verbs Explained - "anmachen"

"anmachen" is one of the most useful prefix verbs. Today, we'll explore the various meanings and see what connects them all. Also: ranmachen.

German Prefixes Explained - "ab"


ab, bergab, abwärts, abmachen, abgehen, ablegen, abfangen, absagen, abwarten

Word Family

Root: *mag-

The core idea of this root was:

kneading, fitting

And its main field of use originally was “kneading” clay to build a house.
The sense has broadened a lot in the verb to make, but the original sense is still visible in most of the other relatives.

  • mass (originally: “unshaped lump of matter”)
  • match (originally: “masses fitting well”)
  • magma (originally: “thick dough like matter”)
  • among (originally: “kneaded together”)
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