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Mut zur Lücke.


"courage for the gap"
(fairly common saying in context of selective studying for an exam where you "skip" a certain topic in the hopes that it won't be part of the exam)

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Word of the Day - "der Mut"

By itself, der Mut means courage. But there are countless useful compounds where this doesn't really fit. Today, we'll find out all about that cool family.


der Mut, -mut, übermütig, gutmütig, Unmut, Demut,Armut, vermuten

Word of the Day - "die Lücke"

A quick, fun look at the German word "die Lücke", its relatives and how they relate it relates to the English word ____ (put your guess here :).


die Lücke, lückenhaft, das Loch, gähnen

Word Family

Root: *lŭg-
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