to loosen up
(Pretty common in the figurative sense of making something casual like a meeting for instance. Not really used for people "loosening up". That would be "sich locker machen". And also not very common for loosening restrictions. That would be just "lockern".)
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Word of the Day - "locken"

A quick look at the meaning of the verb "locken", what it has to do with curls and which Greek philosopher invented swag.


locken, verlockend, die Locke, locker, auflockern

Word Family

Root: *lŭg-

The core idea of this root was:


According to the German source I am using (, this is the origin of leek and garlic and the lock in the sense of curled hair.

The German etymological dictionary also mentions that through the idea of bending a branch into a hook, this later extended into the sense of closing of the Germanic root *lukana, which is the origin of the English to lock and the German das Loch (the hole).


It’s the oirgin

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