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Word of the Day - "die Laune"

A quick, fun look at the meaning of "die Laune" and how to say you're in a good mood in German. Also: the difference to "die Stimmung" and a surprise connection


die Laune, gute Laune, die Partylaune, launisch, gelaunt, die Stimmung, die Stimmungsschwankung

Word Family

Root: *leuk-

The core idea of this root was:

light, bright, shining

It’s the origin of the word light in the sense of lightning and of the Latin branch around luce with words like:

  • illuminate
  • luminous
  • illustrate 
  • lucent, lucid, translucent 
  • lunar
  • lunacy 
  • Lucifer

Also the Greek leuko- belongs to the family and origially meant “clear, white”.

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