ableiten (aus, von)

(ab verb)


to deduce, to derive, derivate
to "lead away"
(for electricity or substances)

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Word of the Day - "leiten"

"leiten" means "to lead". But what's the difference to "führen"? And what does leading have to do with tap water? This and more is what we'll find out today.


leiten, die Leitung, der Leiter, die Einleitung, umleiten, ableiten, begleiten,

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18 days ago

So regarding the second sense…. Is this more to do with a change of direction in flow (to divert) or could it simply be about flowing away from somewhere (like if you flush something down the toilet the waste is carried away)? Or both?

Can it also be used for traffic flows?

Also I’m guessing since you don’t mention it this isn’t your go-to verb for when i word is derrived from another??

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