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to stay out/off
(For a device "remaining" shut off. NOT for staying outside!!)
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to not materialize, to not happen
(NOT for people and actual objects not showing up. Only for immaterial things and events like criticism, for example.)
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Word Family

Root: *leip-

The original idea of this root was:

sticking, adhering, fatty substance

It’s still somewhat visible in the German word bleiben (to stay) but there’s another family member that isn’t very intuitive: life or leben in German.
The origin of this meaning is probably a notion of continuance, existence.  We typically see life as something that ends. But at by the same token, it is then “life” as long as it has not ended, as long as it sticks around.
I think one could go down a philosophy rabbit hole about this :)

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1 year ago

Don’t know where else I can put this comment, but thanks for the April fool 2023, I had a real laugh over it … toll … prima

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