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let enter
(Sounds VERY formal and only used in contexts like opera and so on. Has a notion of welcoming, rather than giving permission. The noun is more common.)
to get involved with, to engage, to say yes to
("sich+Acc einlassen auf+Acc" - in the context of deals or offers of some kind, where you are a bit skeptical. Also used for engaging with people in the sense of a relationship - business or private.)
to fill, to let in
(ONLY for bathwater or water in the sink. The water/bath is the direct object, usually, but it can also be the bathtub.)
Opposite (closest): ablassen
to set in, to embed
(In the sense of arts and crafts. Think of a gold smith slowly putting a stone into a socket. ONLY for such contexts, not to be used generally.)

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Word of the Day -"lassen"- 2

In this article, we'll talk about the quirks of using "lassen" in past tense and we'll explore its prefix versions - with a special focus on "verlassen".


lassen, überlassen, ablassen, einlassen, erlassen, verlassen,

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Root: *le(i)-
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