Dictionary verb ran verb *le(i)- lassen anlassen (d)ranlassen


to let someone get close, to let someone take a turn
(Can be used in various contexts, from mere approaching to taking a turn. Without any indication, it can also be used in a sexual sense of "letting someone have you". Also works with "her-")
How useful:
to leave on
("dranlassen" - In the sense of not taking something off (not clothes). Think of a picture on the wall for example. ONLY works with "dran-" because it is stationary, not directed.)
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Word Family

Root: *le(i)-

The core idea of this root was:

letting go, slacken off, relenting

And we can still see this sense in the English offspring, like last, let, lenient, latter or late.

By the way, the words relax and and release, though they would fit in here, apparently come from a different root.

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