maybe, perhaps
Opposite (closest): wahrscheinlich
approximately or circa
Germans do use it sometimes to express that something was REALLY something
(For Example: "Puh, die U-Bahn war heute vielleicht mal voll.")

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The meaning of "vielleicht"

A quick look at "vielleicht", the German word for "maybe". We'll learn why it means what it means, how to use it and what side use it has.

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Root: *legwh-

The core idea of this root was:

light in weight, not heavy

It’s the origin of English light (as in “not heavy”, not the shining light) and lung and bunch of words based on the Latin *levare, which was about raising.

Some English relatives:

  • light (not heavy)
  • lung (the light one)
  • lever, leverage (raises, makes light)
  • levee (the raised one)
  • relief, relieve, relevance (lightening up, raising)
  • elevate, elevator (raising)
  • alleviate (raising, lightening up)
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