Dictionary verb vor verb *legh- legen vorlegen


(vor verb)


to present, to put forth, to show
(For all kinds of documents and plans. Also used in context of musicians putting out their new album, but to me, it sounds a bit too formal.)
How useful:
to take a good lead
(Do something first, and now someone else has to catch up. Think of playing billiard, where someone has a really good first round.)
How useful:
Opposite (closest): nachziehen
to lay in front
(In the literal sense. Think of a towel in front of a fridge. Usually with a "da" in the sentence, or "davor-" as a prefix.)
How useful:


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Word Family

Root: *legh-

The core idea of this root was:

laying, lying down

of course the verbs to lay and to lie belong here, but the root is also the origin of law, lair, ledger, allay and low.  And of lager, which is essentially a German word that means storage.

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