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to think
(Thinking about everyday questions, where you need a solution/answer. Does NOT take a direct object, but you can connect a question like "when" or "if". Similar to "nachdenken", but more mundane.)
to decide, to think and decide, to come up with
("sich+Dat etwas überlegen" - here, the focus is essentially on the result of the thinging. Can be about a decision, but also about coming up with an idea. The self reference cannot be skipped if there's a result.)


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The meaning of "nachdenken"

A quick look at the meaning of "nachdenken", the difference to just "denken" and how to use this verb in everyday German.

Word of the Day - "überlegen"

A fun look at the meaning of "überlegen", the surprising logic behind the meaning and the difference to "nachdenken".

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die Wahl, wählen, wählerisch, die Auswahl

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