Dictionary verb (he)rauf verb *legh- legen auflegen (d)rauflegen
((he)rauf verb)


to put something on top of that/it
(You'd use it if the destination is already somehow specified. "rauflegen" is more idiomatic, but "drauf-" also works. "her-" does NOT, despite what textbooks might imply.)
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Opposite (closest): runternehmen
to add on top, to put on top of
(In the context of adding an extra sum or compensation on top of a base - "drauflegen" is the more idiomatic choice. Usually in combination with "müssen".)
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Word Family

Root: *legh-

The core idea of this root was:

laying, lying down

of course the verbs to lay and to lie belong here, but the root is also the origin of law, lair, ledger, allay and low.  And of lager, which is essentially a German word that means storage.

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