Dictionary noun *keu hören Kopfhörer

der Kopfhörer


the headphones

Word Family

Root: *keu

The core idea of this root was:

observing, watching, perceiving

It’s the origin of hören and to hear (which is acoustically perceiving, observing) and also of German schauen, which is about looking at.
The English brother of schauen, to show, shifted from mere seeing toward showing – first, showing what you’re seeing and then showing in the more general sense.

It’s also the origin of  German schön, which was originally “something you like to watch” and of the English caution which comes from Latin and was about watching in a sense of being on guard.

Some English relatives:

  • to show (showing what you see)
  • to hear (perceiving acoustically)
  • caution (observing danger)
  • sheen (similar to German schön)
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6 months ago

1) Normalerweise höre ich Musik mit Kopfhörern
2) Meistens höre ich Musik mit Kopfhörern
3) Ich höre normalerweise Musik mit Kopfhörern
4) Ich höre meistens Musik mit Kopfhörern

Any other variation.
Frage1: Is there a difference zwischen Normalerweise und Meistens in this situation?

Frage2: The position of ‘Musik’ in 3+4 make me feel that these are NOT the best choices. Then again, Musik might need to come after the verb(?)

Replace Kopfhörer with Lautsprecher as you feel so moved…

6 months ago
Reply to  Emanuel

Schön! Super vielen dank.
Das macht Sinn. Danke!
Edit: Went back to my flashcards that had the Musik in the middle and I could actually HEAR how it stressed the ending (I have my flashcards talk to me in German after I give my answer out loud). The sentence sounded ‘inverted’ or bent to make a point. Wow.

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