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(For devices and also friendships or relationships. But it doesn't sound idiomatic for hearts. The origin of the meaning is a French expression that was about being incapacitated by having a cape over your eyes.)
Opposite: ganz
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(Colloquial term for being really tired.)
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The 2 meanings of " ganz"

A fun look at the meanings of "ganz", its super common use as intensifier, a really random twist. And my toilet paper situation #notgood

Word Family

Root: *kaput-

The core idea of this root was:


The root is a subbranch of the root *kap-, which was about grasping, containing. The idea of “head” comes from the “head” essentially being a bowl, a container for the brain.

The notion of head is still visible in most of the offspring in today’s English.
Here’s a little (incomplete) overview:

  • head
  • Capo (Latin for “head”)
  • captain (“head”)
  • chef, chief, chieftain (“head”)
  • capital (“head city”)
  • cattle (“what you own, are the boss of”)
  • capital (“what you own, what you’re the captain of”)
  • decapitate (“remove head”)
  • cabbage (looks like a head)
  • chapter (originally “little headline, section”
  • capitulate (originally “drawing up piece terms”, based on the idea of chapter)
  • recapitulate (“go over the chapters”)
  • biceps, triceps (“two-head, three-head”)
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4 months ago

So i’ve been using zerbrochen for things like windows. Can you say “Das Fenster ist kapput” to mean specifically the window pane? or “das Weinglas ist kapput”

I’m guessing kapput might not be so idiomatic with glass stuff and “Das Fenster ist kapput” might more suggest the handle / frame or something is broken?

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