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A big platform to find online language teachers and tandem partners.

italki is a platform where you can find language teachers for one on one online lessons. Think AirBnb, but for German teachers.
Recently, they added group courses, and you can also look for a tandem partner there in the community, which is free, so that’s pretty cool.


Price and Quality

The rates vary a LOT and so do qualifications and teaching skill. italki has a good amount of filters, so you can narrow down your search.
They also have some “quality control” for teachers, like starting requirements as well as user reviews and ratings, but think of it as an open marketplace for online teachers.
So there will be good deals and bad deals out there, and you have to find your match.

The trial lesson is usually fairly cheap, sometimes below $10, and there’s a money back option, so you can definitely try out some teachers and see who you resonate with.

General thoughts

italki has been around for a while and is one of the biggest online teacher platforms. It looks dated, but it has a large pool of teachers and a fairly big community.

I have zero experience with it, but think if you need a one on one teacher for a particular topic or to prepare for an exam, or if you’re just looking for someone to practice speaking, italki is definitely worth considering.
Especially because you can fit it to your budget, or if you’re lucky, find a tandem partner there.

Check out italki

If you’ve used italki, please share your thoughts in the comments below, so we can get a better impression :)

Oh, and you can also apply as a teacher there, if you need a source of income. You do NOT necessarily have to be a native speaker, so just give it a try.

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