das Mindesthaltbarkeitsdatum



the expiration date, the best before date
(MHD for short. This date only means that the producer will not guarantee the "perfect" quality beyond this point. Depending on the food, it might be edible for days, weeks or years)

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Style Special - "Fridge"

Vocabulary trainers often group their stuff by categories. Well, here's one of mine: word for rotten food and the effect it can have on us when we eat it :)


faulen, schimmeln, ranzig, sauer, schlecht, gammeln, kotzen, sich übergeben, ablaufen

Prefix Verbs Explained - "ablaufen"

A fun look at the German prefix verb "ablaufen" and how it connects a sink, a conference and old milk.


ablaufen, abgelaufen, der Ablauf, der

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