(an verb)


to stop, to bring to a halt
(In context of stopping a directed movement, often driving. NOT for stopping an activity (aufhören) and also not for a superhero stopping a villain (aufhalten).)
Opposite (closest): losfahren
to continue
(Only used in a few contexts, usually for circumstances persisting. Think rain that just won't stop.)
to implore, to push toward doing
("jemanden anhalten zu" - not forceful. Sounds like you're trying to convince with pleas and arguments. Not very common overall.)
Opposite (closest): abhalten
to ask for marriage
("um jemandes Hand anhalten")

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The meaning and use of "aufhören"

"aufhören" means "to stop". But why? And what's the difference to "anhalten"? All that we'll find out in this article.

Word of the Day - "anhalten"

A fun look at the meanings of "anhalten", and why one word can be about stopping and continuing at the same time. Also: the difference to aufhören.

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